“I feel like I’m deformed down there”

Reality show features a woman who has undergone a plastic surgery in her genitalia.

It has been widely called as ‘the last frontier’ of cosmetic surgery. Today, a woman publicly shares her experience from her plastic surgery on her genitalia, on a morning show aired in the USA.

The doctors, who spoke yesterday to CBC, presented a 23-year-old girl who wanted nothing else but to correct her “painfully large lips”. The segment was part of the episode with the alarming title “Gross Anatomy,”

Shannon, a nursing student whose last name was not revealed on the show, stated that her deformed genitalia was more than an everyday discomfort; she avoided having sex and this was a major factor in her last breakup.

Shannon said: “I’m self conscious. I really didn’t want to have sex – I tried to avoid it, so it’s kind of a big strain on a relationship.” She also described how she avoided swimming or any other activity requiring a bathing suit and that she felt different from her high-school mates. Shannon’s surgeon, Dr. Grant Stevens, founder of Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina del Rey, California, USA, removed a stretch of skin the length of a middle finger from Shannon’s labia.

“No one would be cruel enough to suggest a woman should live like that,” he said, although he admitted that most of his patients were not really in need of the procedure. “If I hear the word pain or chafing or tenderness, it’s entirely different than if I get the ‘I’m embarrassed.’ It may sound weird, but ‘I’m embarrassed’ doesn’t automatically disqualify somebody”, said Shannon to ABC.


“Vaginal rejuvenation” constitutes a panel of procedures aimed at making the reduction and enhancement of the lips and vaginal tightening. For some women, like those suffering from childbirth-associated vaginal looseness, such a procedure can be of crucial importance. Yet for others, it can be a whole different problem.

As Dr Grant Stevens said: “Let’s be real…looks do matter, whether it’s your face, your hair or even down there.”

Dr. Erin Tracy, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, stated: “Most of my patients asking about this are teenagers that look entirely normal. The majority of them, after some probing, seem to have some underlying body dysmorphic disorder or problems in their relationship that make them think they’re abnormal.”

Her findings were welcomed by Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, an obstetrician and gynecologist at New York – Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, who puts the blame partly on men for the increasing demand of labiaplasty.

Shannon is thrilled with the results of the surgery. “I am so excited…they look amazing….I couldn’t be happier”, she says. But not every woman is as lucky as she is. The risks associated with the surgery include infections, bleeding, pain and discomfort. “I think women should have choices, but it’s entirely up to their surgeons to educate them on what’s normal”, says Dr Hutcherson.

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