Plastic surgery and world economic crisis

Are there some signs of economic deteriation? Some cosmetic surgeons say yes, and report big increases in their work the last year.

Cosmetic surgery is not taboo

With plastic surgery not constituting a taboo anymore and with the juvenile appearance being always more important in the work market, more men are succumbing to this.

Breast ptosis: Augmentation, Breast Lift or the two of them together?

There are two things in particular which women complain about when they say that their breasts have dropped.


Can you explain the difference between SmartLipo and traditional liposuction in men and women?

Smoking and Cosmetic Surgery

Most of us know the negative effects of smoking, however there are cases where danger is much greater.

How can I have successful Breast Surgery?

The basic element of achieving a successful operation is the research of finding a suitable plastic surgeon.