Plastic surgeons witness an increasing number of women visiting them in order to correct imperfections in their genitalia, with the procedures extending from labia minora (small inner lips) reduction to labia majora (large outer lips) enhancement by injectable materials or fat, and clitoroplasty (plastic surgery of the clitoris).

The increase in this type of surgeries along with innovative pain-free techniques were announced at the annual conference of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (A.S.A.P.S) held in Vancouver, Canada, 3-9 May 2012.

The increased demand is a result of women removing unwanted or excess hair from the area by wax, laser or shaving. Thus, women are able to notice all localized imperfections and show no tolerance in projecting small inner lips or atrophic or oversized large outer lips.


It is much like small or large breasts. The flooded internet with countless images of raw genitalia, “Playboy” pictures and “Victoria’s Secret” models, all have their share in the increasing demand of labiaplasty by women aged 16 years and above.

Women should turn to highly experienced plastic surgeons; a specialized plastic surgeon can protect the function of this intimate area. The plastic surgeon must be certified by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (A.S.A.P.S).

πλαστική αιδοίου

It is worth mentioning that the average of women visiting the plastic surgeon are everyday women - private employees, public servants, engineers, lawyers, physicians, young students, etc and only a handful of dancers or stripers.

Moreover, it is not unusual for plastic surgeons to treat young girls aged 15-19 years with asymmetric small inner lips; with the applicable corrective surgery, asymmetric labiaplasty or unilateral labiaplasty, the imperfection becomes history.


The majority of women are aged 25-35 years and troubled by the “looks” of the area when in standing position.

Another group comprises women around the age of menopause, i.e. 38-68 years. This group of women witnesses a gradual disharmony occuring in the area -wrinkling and labial atrophy- which is corrected by labiaplasty and, if appropriate, enhancement of the large outer lips by injectable materials and/or abdominal fat for the rejuvenation of the genitalia.

The techniques applied on the area are:

All the above procedures last only 30 minutes and are performed under regional anesthesia and mild sedation.

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