Undrestanding labialplasty -CBC News

Labiaplasty has been become increasingly popular over the last years, with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (A.S.A.P.S.) reporting that more than 5,000 procedures were performed in 2013. Given the high demand, the number of patients seeking more information on the surgery is constantly growing.

Labiaplasty should be treated by patients just like any other type of surgery. This means that they should look for a board certified plastic surgeon and applicably plan their recovery process.

How it works

Labiaplasty can reshape a woman’s labia, i.e. the lips of her vagina. According to Smart Beauty Guide, most women who consider this procedure have either lost a significant amount of weight or experience discomfort in their genitalia or have given birth. Women who have undergone the procedure report their self-esteem boosted, enjoy greater comfort and find their sexual experiences more pleasurable.


CBC News featured Carrie Anne, a 40-year-old biker who experienced discomfort in her genitalia whenever she participated in physical activities.

She explained that she opted for the surgery to improve her own well-being, and today she is completely satisfied with the results.

“I felt real discomfort”, says Carrie Anne. “It may sound weird, but I feel more attractive now”.

The procedure was beneficial to Carrie Anne and significantly improved her mental and physical health.

What to keep in mind

Just like a person’s facial structure or body type, the shape of a woman’s vagina is totally unique. While some women opt for the surgery in order to improve their physical comfort, others do it in their effort to better resemble the labial shapes portrayed in the mass media.

Andre Shakti, an adult sex worker, explained to CBC News that she opted for the surgery because she is constantly exposed to vaginas in the porn industry.

While some are worried about the potential negative side effects of the procedure, such as infection, bladder trauma or bleeding, a plastic surgeon guaranteed that these side effects are extremely rare among patients. He also pointed out that labiaplasty patient satisfaction was very high (86% satisfaction, according to RealSelf.com), with the percentage of patients opting for the surgery solely based on cosmetic reasons being too low.

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