Smoking and Cosmetic Surgery

Most of us know the negative effects of smoking, however there are cases where danger is much greater. One of these cases is smoking before an operation. Latest studies have shown that smoking prior to an operation can limit the flow of blood to the heart.

Research by the Medical College of Wisconsin showed that the patients that smoked 24-hours before an operation with general anaesthetic had 20% more possibilities than the non- smokers and former smokers to present episodes of insufficient oxygen in the heart. Changes in blood pressure, loss of blood and pain are some from the symptoms that were observed in patients of that particular research.

The doctors are in position to decrease the cardiac vibration of those patients via medicines, so that they can avoid the above complications. 740 patients under the age of 65 took part in this research. From those that participated, 274 were smokers and 67 smoked before operating took place despite warnings of the doctors.

Most patients that smoke preferred not to get hospitalized before the operation so that they can have access to their cigarettes. General anaesthesia and the operation can cause stress in the patient. The doctors warn that smoking is an unhygienic habit and when it’s combined with the stress of an operation it can double the danger. For this reason the best advice is not to smoke prior to an operation.


It is widely known that smoking increases the danger of cancer (all kinds), for respiratory problems (emphysema), for circulatory problems, for cardiac offences etc. One from the problems it can cause, in relation to the process of liposuction, is the danger of a cough after the operation.

This can lead to undesirable bleeding. Smoking can decrease the flow of blood resulting in the loss of skin at the period of healing (seldom). The complications that are caused because of smoking unfortunately do not stop there.

Finally doctors propose that patients stop smoking 3 weeks before and after the operation.


It has been proved via research that smoking considerably decreases the quantity of oxygen in the blood, which slows down the healing of skin.

The patients that have been submitted to breast augmentation have one more reason for interrupting smoking. Because of the section that happens during the operation in combination with the lack of oxygen in the webs it can lead to necrosis of skin (rarely)

This necrosis can cause the withdrawal of implants and increase the danger of infections as well as the shaping of scars. For these reasons we recommend the interruption of smoking before the operation and during the healing of the scars.


If you are a smoker it is important you quit smoking at least 2 weeks before and after rhinoplasty.

Smoking cconsiderably decreases the circulation of blood and causes problems in the vessels. Smoking has the tendency to cause delayed healing compared to non smokers and to be more prone in complications as scars, necrosis and loss of skin. Unfortunately there can be other complications in the process of rhinoplasty that however are related to smoking.

Examples include: the reaction of the patient to anesthesia, the obstruction and the asymmetry of nose, the rejection of grafts, the discoloration of skin and bleeding.

Finally there are possibilities of the rupture of blood vessels, though it’s an infrequent phenomenon, small red blots appear in the surface of the skin. Nevertheless if you follow the advices of your doctor the dangers will be decreased to the minimum and the result will be impressive.

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