Can you explain the difference between SmartLipo and traditional liposuction in men and women?


I am a healthy 48 year old man with a “life preserver” and surplus fat in the area of my abdomen. I have never been overweight and my weight oscillates from 75-85 kilos.

Moreover I exercise and I’m careful with my diet. Is liposuction the procedure that is required in order to remove the “life preserver” and the fat from my abdomen? What is the difference between SmartLipo and traditional liposuction?
Thank you.

Yes, after you have tried the appropriate diet and exercise without getting these problems resolved, liposuction should help. I have seen patients that lost some weight before liposuction and tend to have better long term results than those who didn’t lose weight.

I believe that it’s a question of motives in order for someone to keep his weight stable. Laser is an auxiliary technique of liposuction. There are many auxiliary techniques such as ultrasounds, radiofrequencies, etc. They all support to improve the process of liposuction. The best thing for you is to be consulted by a member of ASAPS in order to see which method would be better for your case and express your concerns.

I wish you the best.
Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS

The short answer on the difference between traditional liposuction and SmartLipo: are the millions dollars spent in marketing by the manufacturer of SmartLipo!

In order to speak seriously: the hypothetic liposuction with laser (eg. SmartLipo), as with the hypothetic liposuction with the help of ultrasounds or with waters, can be used successfully for the treatment of your problem, if the elasticity of your skin is acceptable. Studies have shown that there are small differences between these methods.

The most important factor is the choice of surgeon not the instrument. The carpenter and not the hammer, is the one that makes the difference.

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From your description, liposuction will resolve your problem. Instead of concerning yourself regarding the type of liposuction (all substantially the same thing), you should choose a surgeon with important experience in the liposuction. The experience is more important than the type of liposuction.

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The demand in the medical aesthetics of technology has led to a market that is literally flooded with new appliances, products and processes, as Smart Lipo, that all claim to be the “latest and better” or “bigger invention”.

Extensive research and attention is often required in order to categorize all new (and not so new) technologies that are placed in the market for professionals and the public.

I have not seen a study that would show an advantage in Smart Lipo compared to the traditional liposuction. Indeed there is a big danger of complications, because it appears that this appliance is used by many doctors with absolutely no official surgical training who entered the world of aesthetic medicine.

In my practice I use assistant techniques in liposuction. This process takes place without the swelling during liposuction.

The education of the doctor of course is much more important, resulting in familiarity of this process. Liposuction is the most often executed surgical operation each year in the United States.
Paradoxically, the majority of doctors that execute liposuction in the United States are not plastic surgeons. Actually, many of them do not have an official surgical education.

It appears difficult to believe but a lot of doctors that execute the traditional liposuction or Smart Lipo have no education on this apart from a “weekend course”. I am afraid that certain professionals, and now the consumers see liposuction as a simple surgical operation since they do not involve large sections, and require minimal experience.

Liposuction, to my mind, is a very difficult operation, which requires careful planning and preparation, care and elegance when they are executed by a real plastic surgeon. It requires a three-dimensional comprehension of layers of human anatomy, something that is second nature in a surgeon. I believe insufficient comprehension of anatomy and perhaps, the reaction of an organism in a surgical operation which leads to meagre results of liposuction and outline of body that unfortunately is so frequent.

Even if there are not a lot of aesthetic interventions that are executed in the operating theatres of hospitals, the fact that a hospital has granted privileges in a surgeon for a concrete process, this ensures you that the surgeon has achieved a acceptable level of sufficiency. It means also that your surgeon will be in position to attend you in a hospital, if complications from the aesthetic surgical intervention arise. If you plan any type of aesthetic intervention, it will be beneficial if your surgeon has the suitable certifications and the experience.

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In order to answer in your first question, from this it appears you could be a very good candidate for liposuction.

The ideal candidate for liposuction has located the exceeding fat that doesn’t reduce with diet and exercise and is near his ideal weight. There exist many other “tools” that are disposed for the implementation of liposuction and SmartLipo is one from them. Good results can be achieved with most of them. What is of critical importance is the faculty and the experience of surgeon and not the instrument that is used.

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