Breast ptosis: Augmentation, Breast Lift or the two of them together?

I am almost 22 years old and I have noticed that my breasts are hanging badly. Since I became a teenager and began to wear a bra, they became even more loose.

I have lost weight during these years, could this be a factor? What is the best solution in order to correct this problem?

There are two things in particular which women complain about when they say that their breasts have dropped.

One is that there is a relaxation in the above pole of breast as over time, tissue elasticity is lost.
This probably happened when she lost weight. An implant could give back your elasticity that you lost from breast.

The second most common complaint is that their nipples are pointing towards the floor. This requires a rectification in order to get fixed. This requires a meeting with a certified plastic surgeon for an examination in order to evaluate if it’s one or the other of these things.

Daniel C. Mills, II, M.D., FACS 
Laguna Beach, CA


If the nipple is placed under the line of the breast, which is also the most common form in fallen breasts, then your only alternative solution is the breast lift.

Depending on the size that you desire, it could be a lift of the breast with or without implants.

Samir F.Shureih, M.D.  M.D.
Baltimore, MD


The two questions that are usually expressed as subjects, with regard to the attractiveness of breasts from the women, are the size of their breasts and the location of nipple.

A position of a nipple that is low is usually reported as a relaxation of breast. The correction is usually a process that is named breast lift.

It is possible for a reduction of size from 1/2 to 1 cup with a breast lift, if it is judged essential.
The size of breast of women can be adjusted easily with breast augmentation. Yes, a breast augmentation and a lift can take place at the same time, but, you should ask the opinion of a specialised plastic surgeon, such as the members of ASAPS.

Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS 
Sumter, SC


A simplified rule is that, if the nipple is under the aspect of being lower from the breast then a breast lift is essential. If the nipple is above the aspect, then typically an implant will be enough. Sometimes a breast lift with implants is advisable in order to show not only a more lifted, but also fuller breast. It is advised that you consult a certified and ratified plastic surgeon which is member of ASAPS, in order to evaluate you and it discuss together your objectives and your choices.

Todd Case, M.D.
Tucson, AZ

If the breast really “hangs”, which means that the nipple appears to be under the line of the breast, the best available solution is a breast lift.

A large percentage of patients will also require the placement of an implant, to optimize the aesthetic appearance of the breast.

A discussion with a certified plastic surgeon is essential, in order to decide which the best choice for your particular problem.

Arturo K. Guiloff, M.D., FACS  
Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Correction of breast sagging – for optimal results the best method in order to correct breast drop is breast lift.

This can be achieved with or without implants, however if you desire a bigger filling with the lift, you should also add breast implants.


Rod J.Rohrich M.D., FACS 
Dallas, TX


The sagging of breasts can mean different things in different patients.
For some people, it is the loss of volume and stability, while in others it is an important change of the place of the nipple, and in others both.

The loss of weight can contribute in the sagging, but there are also other factors that play a part, included genetics.

The best correction depends on your anatomy, your desired result and the comprehension of advantages and disadvantages of each process. If there is sufficient volume and the nipple is in low location, a breast lift can improve the form and the place.

If there’s less volume from what you would want, depending on the place of nipple, or in combination with a rectification, an implant can be the solution.

You should have a consultation with a plastic surgeon, which is a certified member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Robert Singer, M.D., FACS 
La Jolla, CA


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