Cosmetic surgery is not taboo

With plastic surgery not constituting a taboo anymore and with the juvenile appearance being always more important in the work market, more men are succumbing to this.

When John Tlapa looked in the mirror, he said that his nose looked like a lock of a door.

It looked like a hook and was very ugly, he reports. Thus, two years ago, the scenario writer of San Diego was submitted to rhinoplasty in order to improve his picture and correct the deviated septum that pestered him for 40 years.

John Tlapa, 54 years, is part of a tendency that has been presented in the past few years, and is typical in the increase of the number of men that seek plastic surgery.

In 2011 9% of surgical and non aesthetic operations in the USA was realised in men, according to the American Society of Aesthetics Plastic surgeons, while there was an increase 121% from 1997. While the number of aesthetic surgical interventions, that are executed in the USA were increased hardly 1% in 2010 - 2011, the number of men for liposuction and brow lift you’ll find in rise.

More than 41.000 procedures of liposuction and almost 23.000 surgical interventions of eyelids inclined in men in 2011, respectively translating to an increase 14% and 6%.

Women in the past few years tend to favour non surgical treatments, such as Botox and Restalyne, compared to men that show a preference to surgical innervations.

Liposuction is found in the top of the list of most frequent aesthetic surgical procedures that is executed in men, and follows rhinoplasty, brow lift, reduction of breast in men and face lifting.

“Men do not have taboo anymore”, declared Renato Saltz, a ratified plastic surgeon from the Park City of Utah, which is also vice-president of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

“In the past few years, plastic surgery is everywhere. All these shows brought plastic surgery in a common ground. One decade ago the patients would come for their surgical intervention and would be hidden for eight weeks. No one would speak about this.

Now they make their surgical operation in the morning, and in the afternoon they speak to their friends about it.

It has become henceforth much more acceptable”, declared Saltz. The combination of medical, technological, economic and social factors contributed in the increase.

The developments in the anaesthesia, reversed the need for overnight stays in the hospital, decreasing the time of recovery allowed in the patients to allow a return to their everyday routine faster.

Nearly 18% of aesthetic interventions occurred in hospitals last year, according to ASAPS. The big impression of the television show “makeover “and the wealth of information that is sold via the Internet, contributed also in the acceptance of plastic surgery. But what really leads a large portion of the population of the USA to this tendency is ageing.

People of age 35 - 64 occupy the 71% of all aesthetic procedures in the USA, while it is also the country that executes a larger number of interventions, according to the International Study of 2011 on the Aesthetic Surgical Procedures.

“There’s an increasing tendency of men toward plastic surgery the last three or four years because of the economy”, declared Dr Babak Azizzadeh of Beverly Hills. Educated in Harvard, and specialises in the aesthetic and correctional interventions of people.

“It is essential for people to appear always younger. In the past, the directing advisers should have had grey hair.

Now we see big businessmen, as Mark Zuckerberg, who is looking young. The reason why plastic surgery of the eyelids and liposuction of the abdomen are so much popular is because the eyelids and the middle region is the first area of body, that shows the marks of age and are also from the difficult regions that can be corrected without a surgical intervention”, declared Azizzadeh.

This was the experience of Stephen, one patient of liposuction from Orange County California, which asked his surname not to be used for protective reasons of his private life. “I could not be exempted from the fat”, declared Stephen.

“I tried to diet. I walked five days a week and three days I went to the gym, but simply it had been accumulated and I could not be exempted from this.” For five years, Stephen was ashamed to wear a t-shirt, because the fat in his abdomen and his big breast could be revealed. “I love breasts, but not on me, “declared Stephen, who had finally thought of proceeding in liposuction five years ago but proceeded in November, when he had the time and the money”.

There’s an enormous pressure in men to continue looking young, “declared Azizzadeh”. As a result, more people seek surgical or non-surgical procedures for the preservation of their youth”.

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