Plastic surgery and world economic crisis

The board line between plastic surgery and economy.

Are there some signs of economic deteriation? Some cosmetic surgeons say yes, and report big increases in their work the last year.

The American Society of Aesthetics Plastic Surgery, report that 1,64 million aesthetic operations took place in 2011. This is a small increase from previous years, but is still lower than what it was in 2005, when the number of surgical operations reached 2,13 millions. Nevertheless, cosmetic surgeons are optimistic of the improvement of numbers of procedures.

“The majority of my friends and colleagues have seen the upturn in cosmetic operations”, stated Dr Daniel Sapiro, a plastic surgeon, which saw his business decreasing in the past few years.

“I believe that all people got affected, but now we see a rapid increase. I would say that it is 20% higher than last summer”, said Shapiro. “I believe that people are tired by the austerity measures and are not able to do things for themselves”

Bianca Wick, a mother, is one of those persons. Wick says that she was interested in plastic surgery for years, but she rejected it, when the economy collapsed. “When recession began, things were a little different from what they were.

Thus she said that it is not urgent,” said Wick. However, the past winter with the signs of recession easing she reconsiders, she decided that she was ready to proceed. The economy got better and she said that the time had come. Wick placed breast implants and also used the VASER, which is a high technology type of liposuction.

Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic operation of 2011, following on from breast augmentation.

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