Brazilian Butt Lift-BBL

American Plastic Surgery reveals the top trends in aesthetic plastic surgery for 2018 ... and Kim Kardashian's exaggerated bums are out of the way. Trent is the natural result

Dr. Wright Jones, head of Muse Plastic Surgery, is a man who knows which surgeries are the latest fashion and claims that the most popular is the liposuction of men and women.
Dr. Wright Jones knows one or two things about the latest trends and supports that the oversized bums such as Kim Kardashian’s are out of fashion anymore. The new trend is the natural result of the buttocks.

Speaking exclusively at The Sun Online, Dr. Wright Jones revealed that while the tendency of the big bum has not yet been overcome, he has definitely been downgraded. He claimed that "According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2016, the first required operation was liposuction, followed by breast augmentation, then tummy tuck, eye lift and finally butt lift surgery "

The trend which they see in the US is that people are reducing the size of their breasts, making them look thicker, clumsier and the clothes fit them perfectly. "Now the silhouette has a more curved, thinner, sexier look - most patients come to us asking us to give them a figure like Beyoncé."

"Hollywood is full of trends, fashions and one of these is the Brazilian butt lift with which we transport fat to the buttocks

In our days, the trend for the fat transfer is to look just natural, as a result it fits better to patients, in their clothes and fills them out

"I turn people down every day," he said. "You can never make someone look exactly like another person, however there are some procedures that can be followed to give them specific features. "The first and foremost reason is that we do not agree in terms of expectations, they want to look like someone, but I cannot make them look like that. Yesterday, one patient showed me photos of different models and Halle Berry, but she was obese. She did not work out or exercise, but she wanted such a body. I had to tell her no.”

The same thing is happened to Kapositas Plastic Surgery clinic in Athens and Thessaloniki,Greece. Many people travel long distances, so we desire it worthwhile for them and the effort they make. However, the brazilian butt lift-BBL is a surgical procedure which lasts many hours and there are not many plastic surgeons who are willing to do it. It takes us about 4-1 / 2 hours in the operating room.

The BBL (brazilian-butt-lift) surgery by Dr Kapositas as well as cases from his archive are available to the public and you can see them in links below.