How long before surgery should I begin consultation visits?

I am looking to get breast implants how long before surgery should I begin consultation visits?

Your are wise for considering this in advance.  The best recommendation I can make is to contact the offices which you are considering and ask them that question, because the times from consultation to surgery vary in different communities and at different times of the year.
You will have the opportunity to select your experienced plastic surgeon, and learn about options.  You will have time to consider your options, and be recovered and healed well in advance of any future planned activities.

Best wishes
Sutton L. Graham, II, M.D., FACS -
Greenville, SC


I would advise you to first do homework regarding surgeons in your area doing breast augmentations.  Look at their website and their before and after pictures to make certain that they have adequate credentials and experience, do their surgery in a certified facility, and the results seem to be what you would expect for yourself.

After you have selected several, seek a consultation as soon as possible regarding getting breast implants with the first on your list.  There are several reasons for this recommendation. 

First, you may find that, after the consultation, you are not comfortable with that particular surgeon, your questions were not answered adequately or that surgeon did not match what was stated on line.  This gives you time to find someone else with whom you do feel comfortable that they can provide you with the results you wish.  Secondly, the better surgeons are frequently quite booked.

Robert T. Buchanan, M.D.
Highlands, NC


It depends on the surgeon and the facility where you plan to do you procedure. The most important step to start with is to do your homework and search for a trust worthy plastic surgeon in your area. I advise you to look at the ASAPS website and use the find a surgeon tab in order to at least make sure that the person you are contacting knows what he is doing and is well trained to do it. Then you will have to decide about the size you would like to become and here it is very important not to fall in the game of numbers because what suits your body does not necessarily suits other bodies.

The best way to do this is during the consultation with the surgeon is to be able to come up with clear idea of how would you look like and how much weight you would feel on your shoulders after the procedure.

Also make sure that you ask your surgeon all the questions and sometimes it's helpful to come for another visit before the final decision to make sure of the size and to make sure that all your concerns are answered.

Best of luck,
Shady Hayek, M.D.
Beirut, Lebanon


Every surgeon has his schedule differently.  This is a quick surgery, so at our office we can get this to work in about 2-3 weeks.  There are others that may only operate once a week, and so their schedule may be booked for a couple of months.  It is never a bad idea to go an get more information.  When you are thinking of it, that is the time to go get a consultation.  Good luck with your search for a surgeon and all the details of a perfect augmentation for you.

Daniel C. Mills, II, M.D., FACS
Laguna Beach, CA


It will depend on the surgeon that you choose and how busy his practice is. If it's not to busy at least a week before to make all of the labs exams and to prepare yourself for surgery. You must choose an ASAPS member.

Luis Jose Lopez Tallaj, M.D.
Santo Domingo 10126


Take time researching plastic surgeons on their websites. By checking a plastic surgeon's credentials and viewing many, many before and after images of the procedure of interest you you, you should be able to narrow your choice.

If you see many, many natural looking breast augmentation procedures that look beautiful to you, this may be a surgeon you'd like to consult with.  Start the consultation process at least several months before your desired surgery date if possible.

Michael Law, M.D.
Raleigh, NC


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