Repeated teasing prompts a 7 year old to make a plastic surgery on her ears

A seven year old girl in Southern Dakota, who was the victim of teasing because her ears “flew” to the outside, was submitted to otoplasty - plastic surgical intervention for the configuration of the exterior part of the ear.

Samantha Roselle’s mother said in the transmission of ABC “Good Morning America” that this surgical process was selected as a preventive measure in order to stop the harassment.

Cami Roselle, mother of Samantha, declared that “children can be bad”.

The intervention, which lasted 1-hour, was successful, according to Dr Stiben Pearlman, whom was the surgeon that operated on her, said in the ABC show “her ears look splendid!”

“Otoplasty-Plastic surgery for ears on children”

Otoplasty is a plastic surgical process, aiming at the correction of deformity or faults of exterior part of ear.

Surgical intervention can be held:

The surgeon can transport, reform or even increase the structure of the cartilage of the ear, which is covered by very thin skin.
Otoplasty usually takes place from a specialized plastic surgeon with experience in otoplasty.

What is teasing?

According to the British Ministry for the Children, Schools and Families, teasing is: “A behavior from an individual or a group that usually is repeated over a period of time and causes pain deliberately in other individuals or groups, physically or emotionally.”

Teasing includes:

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