White Bible (white paper) for silicone breast implants.

The FDA officially issues in the white Bible (white paper) that silicone implants are safe for breast augmentation.

The food and drug administration of USA (FDA) announced (23/6/2011) in the official white Bible its official place on the safety of silicone implants for breast augmentation.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (A.S.P.S) agrees with the official statement of the FDA and it supplements that the safety of silicone breast implants has been proved so much for aesthetic reasons (of breast augmentation) as for correctional and the re-establishment of breast after a mastectomy.

Finally women should be frequently checked by their plastic surgeons and they should
keep the book with the implant code that has been placed.

This statement of the FDA is as much useful for plastic surgeons as for women.
The statement finishes referring that silicone implants are not life lasting material and perhaps some women need to replace them after some years.

The ASPS adds, that more than 90% of women are pleased from the procedure but also from the improvement of their quality of life.



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