Plastic surgery for two: Couples grow up together remaining young

Most marriages begin with a promise to age together, however other pairs such as Ira and Roberta Almeas have decide they will grow together remaining young peoples.

The Almeases are part of new tendency: the partners that have had aesthetic surgical procedures together.

 It is something that Dr Mitsel Chasin, medical director in Reflections Center for Skin and Body in Livingston and in Bridgewater, NJ, said that these days we see it more often.

Years ago, we would see a woman saying, “Don’t say to my husband which procedure I had,” and the spouse would say, “This is a secret; do not say anything to my wife”. Now the attitude that prevails is the same as Ira Almeas when he said to his spouse, “If you want to look better, so do I!”

The pair did very little to slow down the signs of ageing. They used Botox, materials of fulfillment and treatments with laser. The improvements of appearance in pairs means aesthetic processes or even more surgical methods, are likely to cause, at least partly, an increase in the aesthetic processes in men, explains the head of medicine and author of NBC Dr Nancy Snyderman.

Last year, 1.1 million American men had aesthetic procedures, with a small but important increase of 2% in 2009, according to the American Company of Plastic Surgeons.

If you are in your 50 and looking for work, you can benefit from plastic surgery, so that you could look even one decade younger.

When a man dyes his hair it caused reason for comments. Today however, processes as Botox and the materials of fulfillment have become even more acceptable.

Three months later, Ira and Roberta Almeas are enthusiastic with the results of their common aesthetic processes.

“I believe that it is a big experience that we grow older and yet we appear younger together”, says Ira Almeas. “We feel a little more relaxed and with a little more energy and this is another part of our common life”.

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