Breast reduction, what is the ideal size for me?

The first thing that you should do is to be addressed by a certifeid plastic surgeon and discuss with him your wishes and your expectations, of the ideal size for you.

Together you can see photographs of his patients and decide on a size that will come in absolute harmony with your body, and will still give you the femininity that you deserve.

You should have good communication with your doctor and determine certain limits, in order to get a better result. Remember that each size differs from person to person.

It would be good to try certain clothes with the size that you wish in order to get a better idea of the result. The clothes will better help you choose which size to opt for instead of bras, because it’s with them that you want you look beautiful.

The percentage of the tissue that will be removed is determined by a lot of parameters, as the height, your weight, your medical background and your natural situation.

Finally in the event that you are interested to proceed in this procedure it will probably be clearly for aesthetic reasons, most likely this procedure will not be covered from your insurance fund.

In other cases, your insurance institution, perhaps dictates the amount of tissue that will be removed and this perhaps influences your final result.

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