Non surgical methods of Breast Augmentation

With hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid, offers an instant increase of the breast. This particular material enters via injection under the breast. 150 ml can be imported in each breast in comparison to the implants of silicone which offer 300 ml and in certain cases 400ml increase of each breast.

This means that this method is advisable only in women that wish to increase their breast up to one size. Unfortunately this method is not permanent because the hyaluronic acid is dissolved naturally in the body and a repetition is required every 12-months.

Finally particular attention should be given to the duration of use of this particular material so that there will not be any problems during a mammography.

With stem cells

It is an ambiguous method, which promises increase of breast with the help of germinal cells that they are taken from the unnecessary fat of the abdomen or thighs.

These germinal cells are isolated by this unnecessary fat and are mixed with some other adipose tissues and afterwards they enter the breast.

Experts point out that they will need months until results are obvious and that the increase of breast will not exceed a figure. This technique can achieve a small increase of breast, but is unable however to offer lifting, which is only ensured with the use of implants.

With the Brava method

It is reported that a plastic brassiere, which includes an incorporated mechanism that “pulls” and literally stretches the skin round the breast.

For 10 to 14 weeks and for at least 10-hours per day the patient will be expected to wear the particular brassiere. During this time the cells of the skin are multiplied, thus creating the essential “space” in order for it to become possible to import the grease in to the breast.

A significant disadvantage of this method is the cost of application (in America it exceeds the 10.000 dollars).

With hormones

Breast augmentation with hormones strikes as an easy solution in women that wish to increase the size of their breast without the use of lancet. While these hormones are produced in the duration of the life of a woman, their percentage can be altered because of pregnancy, childbirth, menstrual cycle, menopause etc.

These hormones are connected with the change from teenager to a young woman. The most usual hormones that are used in augmentative breast are estrogens and progesterone.

These are available in various forms as in pills, plasters, supposing, preparations via nasal inhalation etc. Their results however are transitional, while the reduction of levels of hormones is translated in automatic reduction of volume of the breast.

Unfortunately their disadvantages do not stop here, while usage can cause organic insufficiency and cancer. In general experts deter women that want to increase the size of their breast with the help of hormones for purely aesthetic reasons, because of their serious repercussions.

With pills

Theoretically it could be possible to increase the size of your breast via these preparations because they contain estrogens. The same type of estrogens however is also observed in contraceptive pills, which can cause provisional increase of breast because, the retention of liquids that they cause.

Experts discourage the use of these particular medicines because of the lack of probative elements that concern their effectiveness and their safety. Estrogens have been indicated in the appearance of cancer in the uterus.

This is also the reason that the contraceptive pill contains progesterone, a hormone that contributes to the restriction of negative repercussions of estrogens in the uterus. Also evidence does not exist that these pills do not negatively influence fertility, menstruation and the effectiveness of pills for control of births.

Most of these pills contain herbs dangerous to the human organism. Among these
are blissful Thistle (danger of genetic abnormalities and expulsion in pregnancy), Dong Quai (danger of breast cancer, extract of ovaries of cattle (danger of cerebral episode) etc.

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