Mommy Makeover. Plastic surgery after pregnancy

Women dedicate a lot of their incomes and time they have for themselves to bring their children in to the world.

They also cover a lot of kilometres with their car to transport them in various activities.

You of course feel satisfied because these sacrifices deserve the labour in order to have a healthy and happy family. But certain times you realise that you have lost a part of yourself. You can both grow your children rightly and deal with yourself at the same time.

This is precisely the philosophy of Mommy Makeover or otherwise plastic surgery after the pregnancy.

You now have choices as never previously to invert the undesirable picture of your body and restore your juvenile picture you had before the pregnancy.

We have heard all sorts of reasons that mummy’s postpone these interventions.

Many mums’ worry to where they can leave their children or change their program for little while.
Consequently simply think how this modification will change your psychology. Many of you have told us that you wish you had made this change sooner after the pregnancy.

Which are the operations that rise in this category?

Liposuction: It takes place with cannoula, (small, thin - tipped tubes) and they aim to remove fat from various points of your body.
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Tummy Tuck: After a pregnancy the abdominal wall relaxes, as much as the muscles and the skin of the abdomen. This intervention removes the relaxed skin and strains up the abdominal muscles.
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Breast Operation: It constitutes the department of interventions. A small breast can need an implant in order to become juvenile. Another that is bigger can only need a small lift with an implant or one even bigger only a rectification.

There’s a variety of techniques that we use depending on each case and according to the wishes of each woman
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When you can make the interventions?

It is better you have stopped breast - feeding first and reach your wishing weight after the pregnancy before you have any of these operations. It would be good if you had your period 3 times after the end of lactation.

You can combine some of these interventions. More in: