Breast augmentation becomes increasingly popular, especially in America.

Breast augmentation surgery has conquered America.

According to Slate on-line magazine, breast augmentations appear to be more popular in the United States. This fact implies, that even conservative men, as well as women, seek curves in their breast.

This becomes particularly obvious when comparing United States cities such as Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.

Slate magazine reports that, larger size breasts become another necessity like car size or a computer manufacturer preference, where Americans are getting more polarized.

One of its writers says: “I eagerly await the first politician who delivers the line, We are not A-cup Americans and DD-cup Americans. We are all just Americans, who love breasts."

Breast lifts breast reductions and male breast reduction surgeries dominate the top 10 cosmetic surgeries. According to research from 2011 from the American society of Aesthetics Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the rate of breast implant surgeries exploded the past decade from 101.176 performed in 1997, to 316.848 in 2011.

The increased popularity of breast augmentation, was encouraged when in 2006, the FDA allowed silicone breast implants back into the market, (whereas for several years only the relatively unpopular saline ones were legal) afterwards the collection of probative elements, that showed that the health concerns were unreliable.

This statement delighted a lot of women that felt that silicone implants, lead to a more natural appearance.

According to the CBS, the FDA approved a new silicone-gel breast implant “Gummy Bear”, called Natrelle 410. Breast augmentation continues to possess a high place in cosmetic surgery, but however in 2011, was exceeded by liposuction. It was nominated the most popular aesthetic surgery, in the United States for 2011, for the first time in three years.

Very soon, ASAPS will publish the statistics for 2012, making clear which one of these two surgeries at this moment is in first place.

It does not matter which one is most popular, the will for larger breasts is not something temporary.

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